Helga Wagenleiter

People of the Upper Tanana Valley call her "The German Woman," and this is how she has become known. Helga Wagenleiter is a Native German who moved to Alaska in 1981, because she was attracted to the nature, beauty and lifestyle of this great land.. She left her homeland to pursue her own freedom.

Over years of challenges and search for new truths and ideas, self-employment became a reality. During the last two decades, some of Helga's "Old World" skills have come together. She runs a European-style Bed and Breakfast, with the comfort of beds fluffed with goose down comforters and a cozy wood stove. In the morning, over fresh ground coffee, she is always up to a conversation about life, health or politics. It is evident after a short while, why Off The Road House is dubbed as an "International Friendship House": Her personal attention to customers and making them feel totally at ease is her main goal.

Helga has a small art gallery and glass studio where she produces and sells her own art glass creations, photographs, and the work of other Alaskan artisans.

Helga also finances her lifestyle as a lecturer of German at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, as well as a producing artisan.

If you are lucky and come at the right time, Helga's twenty two year old daughter Hannah will entertain you with her piano playing. Music runs in the family. Helga was a performer herself for a while before she came to Tok, and her only brother, Klaus Wagenleiter is a well known pianist, composer and big band director in Germany.